Tuesday, November 30, 2010


Winter Oak

A collection of random, slightly coherent thoughts I had while painting today:

I'm like the bride that's more in love with the wedding than with the groom:  I love the concept of a painting much more than the finished result.

I love Christmas music.  Really, I do.  I 've enjoyed listening to it while I work.  But for every hit like Rudolph The Red Nose Reindeer, there are hundreds of horrible songs like Crissy The Christmas Mouse.  (As sung by Donald O'Connor and Doris Day-- need I say more?)

By the way, there is no rendition of Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer that I like.

Why is it we think more fondly of turkey left-overs than the actual Thanksgiving  meal?  What, does that dried up turkey get juicier after a couple of days in the fridge?

Encourage every one you know to buy art this Christmas.  It makes the perfect gift!

Who came up with the bright idea to open stores on Thanksgiving night, and have sale prices on everything?  What a great way to train the public to get all their shopping done in 36 hours!

I stumbled upon an old, dusty tube of Mars Red that I have long forgotten I ever owned.  I don't know if I ever used it.  The thing has to be near thirty years old, and it's still good.  I used it in my last painting, and I loved it!

Why did I ever buy Mars Red?  It was on Norman Rockwell's palette... 

I play the piano, and I have three Christmas song books.  Every year I have to re-learn the same songs.  Don't ask me to play Jingle Bells in July, because I won't remember how to play it!

I have yet to master Art Speak.  Ever notice how some Artist Statements sound?  "I displace textures from their natural environment by moving them out of the context they exist in."  That was from David Kassan's web site.  This is not to knock Mr. Kassan, because maybe if I painted as beautifully as he does, I'd be able to write something like that.

Were you to read this without my triple checking for typos and misspellings, you'd think my education ended after two weeks of pre-school.  One of these days for laughs I'll post one without spell-check.

A logger in Canada was recently stopped from removing a wood pile when he was told that it was actually a piece of Art  that was purchased by the town.  The wood pile he was supposed to take was next to it.  "If that's art", the unrepentant logger said, "I'm in the wrong business!"

I named myself Employee Of The Month!  For the thirty-sixth consecutive month.

Speaking of months, don't you love parents who insist on using months to tell how old their child is?  You know, "Thorndike will be twenty-eight months next month!"  My Mom still does that--"Kevin is only 552 months old!"

One more month and we'll be done with 2010.  That's pronounced twenty-ten.  2011 doesn't have the same pizazz, but I am looking forward to signing and dating my paintings next year.  '11 is easier than '10.  I hate circles.

200 unknown paintings from Pablo Picasso was recently discovered.  Boy, that's just what the world needed...  I wonder what that logger has to say about them?


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Susan Roux said...

Congratulations on being Employee Of The Month! I was wondering who got it this month...

Picasso and the logger, too funny. Did you miss your calling as a stand up comedian??? You could have been the comedian with a paintbrush. We don't have too many of those. Then you could have painted some lovely Picasso's in front of an audience while cracking jokes.