Friday, November 26, 2010

Full Moon Fever

Spring Moon

Some people are OK with a sliver.  Others are content with a half.  Three quarters?  Not enough.  No, for me, I want it all.  That's right-- I'm a full moon fan.  But honestly, who isn't?  There is something special about a full moon.  I can relate to the sense of awe our forefathers must have felt every month when they looked to the sky and saw this beautiful orb shining over them.  A summer moon hanging in the sky as fire-flys punctuate the darkness with their flashing strobe lights is a magical experience.  I also believe one of the most spectacular sights you can see is a full moon in the middle of winter when the temperature is twenty below zero and the light shining off the snow is so bright you could read a book by it. 

High Moon

When I was a kid, my Dad and I would take our little boat and go fishing out in Casco Bay, off of Yarmouth, Maine.  That's probably where I acquired my love of the ocean.  Casco Bay is a beautiful stretch in the Gulf of Maine that has over three hundred little islands with several island communities.  I remember we were always surrounded by white lobster boats, majestic multi-colored sailboats, and island ferries going to and fro.  Not a bad place to spend a summer day.  Too bad there wasn't much fish.  I learned that fishing is a passive verb, not to be confused with the more active catching.  But I digress... 

Anyway, one summer's eve we were coming in rather late, and I saw a full moon rising over the Bay.  The water sparkled and shimmered as the moon's light threw millions of diamonds to dance upon the waves.  I looked at the summer homes along the shore front and thought to myself how unbelievably lucky those occupants must be to see a sight like that.  We lived miles inland and didn't see the moon until it rose high above the trees that surrounded our house.  Many years later I lived in Cundy's Harbor, Maine in a little home that overlooked the ocean.  Every month me and my beautiful partner Ellen would watch the moon come up over the water and spread it's magic.  We never failed to feel blessed about being able to experience such a sight.  And every time, I always thought of that summer night from a long time ago..

Moon Over The Harbor

This month's full moon has passed, but next month promises to be just as spectacular.  I'd love to paint a picture of it.



martinealison said...

The memories of youth are often the most beautiful and frequently the most significant.
Very nice paint-filled serenity. The full moon is also a show for me enigmatic.

Susan Roux said...

Nice post Kevin. Complete with beautiful paintings that follow your story. Casco Bay is a beautiful place. Its the location of that house I'm renting for a painting retreat in February. The price is greatly reduced in winter! Now I'm wishing we have a full moon during our stay...

fishing/catching ...funny sentence.