Monday, June 3, 2013

Eeny, Meeny, Miny, Moe...

Every once in a while I feel the need to add even more steps to my usual burdensome technique.  So aside from conceptual sketches, full value under-drawings, grisaille, etc., I will occasionally throw in a color sketch for the fun of it.  A color sketch should be used to work out potential problems that may arise in painting the picture.  It doesn't have to be a mini-masterpiece, just something that points you in the right direction.  Maybe you want to try a different value pattern, or color scheme.  I know I should have those things worked out before I paint, but invariably I don't.  My problem, if truth be told, is that my color sketches are generally damn well useless.  I just paint them without really giving them much thought.  Just think of them as a spelling exercise where I continually practice spelling CAT as K-A-T.  The exercise doesn't do any good if it doesn't resolve an error.

So for my latest picture, I thought I'd give the color sketch a little more effort and importance.

The following is the concept sketch followed by a few color sketches.  I really had a lot of fun working on them, and trying different ideas.

I'm going back to my lobstering days again.  Charlie, the Captain of the boat, used to lean against the hauling block as he cruised around looking for the next trap, or "pot" to use the proper jargon.

This photo is washed out, but I was thinking mostly abut setting my shadows against light to provide a more dramatic contrast.

                        I had a steel-blue sky before this one, so I tried a different, hazy sky.

                                       ...But with a warmer sky, I needed cooler shadows,

           I wasn't in love with the sky, so I went a little more naturalistic.  I think I'm gaining on it...

Of course, now the problem will be to choose one.  Any suggestions? 

Or will I just have to play, Eenie, Meeny, Miny, Mo?


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Anonymous said...

Okay, apparently nobody wants their opinion out in cyberspace forever and ever. Being your anonymous commenter, I avoid that problem altogether.

Of the four colored sketches, I like the third one best. So, paint it however you want.