Friday, December 14, 2012

And The Angels Wept

It has been a sad day today, hasn't it?  Mindless insanity in Connecticut has my heart heavy, but what I feel pales in comparison to the horror and devastation that twenty six families are enduring right now. 

I suppose for the next few years December 14 will hit us as hard as September 11, April 20, November 22, or December 7th once did.  But as always, the day will inevitably come when this date blurs in with the rest of the calendar.  Schools across the country will deal with this with more and more security; More lock-downs, more armed guards in SWAT Team regalia roaming the empty halls, more security screening at the barricaded front door, more check-points before gaining access to school campuses.  Schools from Grammar to College will look more like fortresses-- or prisons-- than places of care-free learning.  Many folks will look back wistfully on the days when students were free to come and go as they will, and such precautions weren't necessary, but hey -- it's the world we live in these days...

Meanwhile, it is deemed that nothing can be done to impede the criminal from obtaining the weapon that allows such atrocities to happen.

There may be many who wonder how a just and merciful God could allow such tragedy to happen to innocents.  It is impossible to see into the mind of the Almighty, but I wonder if possibly He is saying, "And I'm going to keep letting this happen until you all wake up!"



SamArtDog said...

Kevin, I'm so glad you made mention of the children who died today, that we may enjoy our "freedoms". I, too, grieve for them, as well as for all the children who are victimized around the world.

And damn the deemers. They got us into this mess in the first place. No... we let them.

As for what God thinks... I bet She's bummed.

Susan Roux said...

Words are difficult in times like these. It doesn't make sense to any of us. It's a very very sad situation. I was in shock when I heard what happened. Those poor families.

God promised us free will. When things like this happen, I think it's the work of the devil. Maybe he's a bit jealous of attention December gets and he's lashing out against joy and good will towards mankind?

Charles Gray said...

You can weep for the beauty of this world also ... in the face of such tragady.I remember Louis Armstrong sang his best ' What a wonderful world ' in the Vietnam jungle . That song gave those men that magic called courage to go forward. WE must pray for and help those families. Charlie