Saturday, January 4, 2014

The Good, The Bad And The Ugly Of 2013

Down To The Water.  My last painting of 2013.

You know, we tend to think that most years are memorable in some way.  The year of a special occasion; Births, deaths, weddings, divorces, promotions and new jobs.  We remember those years as important mile-markers on our journey on the road of life.  But in reality, most years are uneventful and unremarkable paving stones on that long road.  2013 (pronounced Twenty-Thirteen) was like that for me.  Nothing spectacular, just a ho-hum kinda year.  Nothing wrong with that.

As I look back on the art side of 2013, (pronounced Twenty-Thirteen) I notice that my production of paintings was down somewhat.  I still go to my studio and paint every day, but instead of cranking out a painting every other day, I was taking a couple of weeks or so to complete a picture.  There are several reasons for my slowing down, but I think the biggest reason was that I was going for quality over quantity.  Fat load of good that did me!

So allow me, faithful reader, to show some of the paintings I produced in 2013 (pronounced Twenty-Thirteen):

The year didn't start out horribly.  I think I did a couple of nice pieces.

First Light, Fresh Snow

River's Edge

After The Storm

Pemaquid Porch
Hugging The Shore
Then I had a bit of a dry spell.  I painted some God-awful dogs that shall never see the light of day.
Like these:
Harbor Moon
Morning Haul

Then, I think I righted the ship as the year started to slip away:

Hanging Around On Fish Beach, Monhegan

Greener Pastures

And then there was this one...

In The Woodshed

Oh, there were more, but I think these are indicative enough of the past years efforts.  The best thing about a year like last one is that there's so much more to look forward to in the next year! 

I hope your 2013 (pronounced Twenty-Thirteen) was a happy one, and I wish all of us in the happy Maine-ly Painting family to have an awesome 2014!

Say it any way you like.



A. LaFrance said...

Something tells me this post should not go unremarked upon…someone wrote that as artists we "hang our brains on the wall…" and here I see how much you care for both your art and for what IS Maine… it's past and it's future. Thank you for sharing both.

rsouviney said...

I remember standing in your studio mid-Woodshed and the joy Stephanie and I felt sharing that moment with you and Ellen. The final take is stunning. Happy New Twenty-Fourteen!

Kevin Mizner said...

A.-- Thank you for your compliment! Sometimes I feel my brains are splattered on the wall! Best to you this year.

Kevin Mizner said...

Randy- Thank you! I always enjoy a visit from two world-travelers like you and Steph! Happy trails to you both in Two Thousand and Fourteen!