Thursday, January 12, 2012

About Damn Time!


Some people yearn for Oscars, or Tonys, maybe even Grammies.  Some may want Best of Show, or Jurer's Choice.  Hah!  Not me, when it comes to awards, I want true recognition of my world caliber blog.  That's why I was so extremely happy to be notified by SamArtDog that I have been nominated for the coveted Liebster Blog award!

To quote my notification:

                                             The Liebster Blog Award has been given to
                                               Maine-ly Painting by Reform School Art

Liebster is a German word that translates as
favorite or dearest
The award originated in Germany
 and is intended to recognize up and coming bloggers.
 Those distinguished by this award have
fewer than 200 followers. 

In keeping with its pay-it-forward tradition, 
I have nominated the following three blogs for the award:

Warning: I'm being serious here:
Mara Schasteen's blog Expressive Naturalism.  Mara is a talented painter of the Richard Schmid School, but gives her paintings a life of her own.  Her blogs not only discuss her trial and tribulations on painting, but being a young mother trying to paint.  I recommend it. 
Next is Virginia Floyd's A Painting Journal.  Virginia is using her blog to talk about her efforts with learning how to paint.  She's a lovely lady who is busting her butt trying to figure out this painting thing.  Follow along.
Lastly, I would give the Liebster Award to Daniel Maidman's Making Art and Thinking About Art.  When Daniel says he's thinking about art, he's not blowing smoke.  Daniel is a talented figurative painter, and a writer for Artist Daily.  He takes you on a trip with every one of his blog posts.
My only regret is that a nominee must have less than two hundred followers.  There are so many great blogs that I love, yet have dozens of followers.  There's Imaginative Icecubes!  And Me and My Corner Chair! not to mention, ur 17 i am 2!
So thank you, SamArtDog for nominating me.  It's nice to know that even the little guy can make a mark.  I will continue to keep Maine-ly Painting the bar on which all others rest their elbows! 


SamArtDog said...

Kevin, after reading your "acceptance speech", as well as the blogs you've nominated, I'm beginning to get the value of The Liebster. I think it's all about getting inside the minds of artists. Even when their art blogs don't include much copy, the combination of creation, content and even the chosen style of layout paints a fascinating landscape, one that's sometimes thoughtful, often humorous and always soulful. So are you.

Daniel said...

Kevin, I am so moved by the award and by your description of my blog - thank you! I will repost as soon as I figure out the award and, you know, get around to writing a new post. Happy new year, and thanks again!


Susan Roux said...

Congrats Kevin. I know you've been waiting with bated breath for this one! Thanks for the new links.

Are you painting???

Virginia Floyd said...

Kevin, I'm flattered and a little shocked that you included me in your three selections Thank you so much! I am working at thinking up a witty response, and I hope to pass this award along soon.