Wednesday, August 10, 2011


I was horrified to learn that in the last few days Maine-ly Painting was given a blog credit rating downgrade by S&P (Slap-dash and Putrid) from an F minus to an F minus-minus.  Needless to say, I'm outraged!  Surely the fine folks who have the hugely important task of blog rating have overlooked the fact that I spend moments of preparation on Maine-ly Painting, and that my thoughts on painting are at least ankle deep.  In spots.  No, they have given me the same rating as other minimal use blogs such as Fun With Cat Fur! and Charmin Lovers For Life!  And I know for darn sure my blog is a lot better than Alone On The Couch!  Yet that one was given an F-plus.  Oh, the humanity...

Allow me to quote the S+P review that they think justifies their heinous action:

The Web-log Maine-ly Painting as written by a Keven  Meisn  Mizzon  Minzner is paramount to watching puddles dry.  His ideas pertaining to art carry the same import and weight as flatulence in a wind tunnel.

Ouch!  But don't they understand that my blog, which started with 23 readers has now exploded world-wide to almost two dozen?  And of course, thanks to the ether that is the internet, my words are floating out there, waiting to come back and enlighten, educate and haunt-- forever?  I guess not.  As they continued:

Mr. Meissone  Miznn  Meizner  appears to have a serious deficit problem.  Not only with a paucity of original ideas, but with that which most people would call "common sense" and "taste".

At least they had something almost pleasant to say in summing up: 

At the very least, Mr. Miznor Mizener shows appropriate humility with regard to his paintings.  We regard this as a good thing, as Mr. Mez  Mieznzner has plenty to be humble about.

Thank you.  Of course, I'm not going to take this lying down.  My blog is worthy of an F no matter what some pretentious, self important rating agency thinks.  So fear not, gentle reader, I will continue to write Maine-ly Painting  as long as I have something deep and important to say about art, and the life of those who practice it.  And I know you'll be behind me every step of the way.

So long as it's not in a wind tunnel...



SamArtDog said...

Coulda been worse; Yes, worse.
You coulda gotten a big fat INC!
Worse than an F, an INCOMPLETE! Like a half-baked you name it. Country, cake, potato or idea. Like you didn't even show up. Weren't ever there.
Oh, not even the humanity!

Kay said...


myra DRAWN to paper . . . DUSTED with pastels . . . DIPPED in water . . . said...

you are sooooooooooo funny!! I think you DERSERVE AN A (or at least a d-). Seriously--you rock!!

Susan Roux said...

Remind me never to stand downwind...

I was hoping to catch you, but I heard you're out painting some pointless rock. Careful not to be swallowed up by the tide!

F--? That surely sounds serious, but as my oldest always said, who cares about grades anyway? They too are pointless... By the way can you spell your last name again, please?