Thursday, July 14, 2011

Note To Self...

Hey Kev, don' forget-

Clean your palette after every session.  No one has ever snuck into your studio overnight to do it for you.

Same thing with your brushes.  You need to wash them more frequently than you wash your truck.

Make sure the dog isn't under your table when you gesso panels.

Wait until the gesso splatters dry before you pluck them out of the dogs hair.

Stop pussyfooting around--  Go with your first instincts on your pictures!  When that doesn't work, think it through a little more.

Don't sit outside and plein air bright puffy clouds at high noon on a summer day in the same key as you see them.  It's a fools errand.  The tube of white that's as bright as they has yet to be made.

If you're going to include a structure in your picture, either look up at it or down on it.  Nothing is as boring as a dead on shot.

Remember, if you have to choose between truth or art, choose art.

Call your mom more often.

If you think the painting is done, set it aside for at least a week, then look at it again.  You'll probably change your mind.

Stop confusing "Important" with "Big."  It's how you handle the subject, not the size of the picture that determines that.

Details are good, but it's the shape of the nose that identifies a person, not the nose hairs.

Stop worrying about how the painting will look on your website, and start thinking how it will look on someones wall.

Hurry up and get some patience.

Try variegating solid masses of color a little more;  throw in any colors you want as long as they have the same temperature and value.

White wine goes with white meat, red wine goes with red meat, beer goes with everything.

Admire the artists you like, don't copy them.

Don't try to fix a bad design with color.  If it's a worthwhile subject, start over.

Thank people for commenting on your blog more often.

Remember:  If you aim for good and fall short, you get bad.  Aim for great and fall short-- it might be good.  So aim for perfect-- you might get excellence.

Be sure to retire as soon as you achieve perfection!



No Know it all said...

I would add "Don't sign a painting before you're sure you're not going to make more changes..." LOL

SamArtDog said...

Notes To Self are notes to us all. Thanks for posting yours.

Btw, the wine thing?... red, white or brown, you can drink any color any day you want. You don't have to thank me for that.

Susan Roux said...

Good reminders Kevin. Thanks.

I heard the Cape Elizabeth paint out was a huge success. Did you have fun?