Monday, May 16, 2011

Gotta Love It!

I told myself that I would not use this post to discuss the weather here in Maine.  I mean, nobody wants to read about how this "spring" has been unusually cloudy, rainy and cold.  That since April first we've been rained on forty out of forty-six days.  How shallow is it of me to complain about ceaseless drizzle when there's flooding in the midwest, and massive destruction from tornados in the south?  So I won't mention that today it's raining for the third straight day.  Enough said.  Or that the temperature has yet to crest seventy degrees yet this season.  OK, I'll stop whining.

But according to the Weather Channel's ten day forecast, we're looking at ten straight days of rain with temps around fifty.

I mean it, I'm done now.  I've got it all out of my system.

Wait!  Look out my studio window...  What's that I see?

Drizzle and fog.

What I wanted to mention is that last week a very nice person and wonderful sketch artist from the UK named Katherine Tyrell asked me to contribute to her blog series called Places To Paint with a few words about Maine.  So, gentle reader, if you want to know what I said, please go to her blog Places To Paint and I'll give you a tour of what I actually like about painting here.  Here's a hint:

I don't mention the weather.


Stephanie Berry said...


Elizabeth McCrindle said...

LOL found your blog through Katherine Tyrell's and I'm glad I did. If it's any concilation it's raining here in Scotland as well :)

Kay said...

sigh..everyone knows I talk about the weather as much as art..maybe because I NEED THE SUN..wait didn't mean to yell. Even 50's and dreary here in Utah..

Susan Roux said...

Hey this painting looks to be at a familiar place! Did you post this especially for me? (of course you did...) It's a good reminder that though it's plenty chilly out there, it isn't as chilly as your winter scene. For that I am thankful! The leaves have popped and at least it's green, very green. Has it really rained that much? No wonder I'm sick of it.

Susan Roux said...

Great post, by the way, on Places to Paint. Your history side comes through.

Katherine Tyrrell said...

Ah - but Kevin - what I didn;t tell you was that on the journey up to Rockland to visit the Wyeth Museum I experienced some very typical Main weather.

The windscreen wipers couldn't work fast enough!

I know all about how the rain in Maine falls mainly on the artist!

SamArtDog said...

I'm also here because of Katherine Tyrell's tip (in case you haven't felt the earth move yet, a word from her is HUGE). I was born and raised in Falmouth, so your blog is old-home-week. Everything you write about is wicked familiar and funny. Oh yeah, and your paintings are trific.

MCGuilmet said...

Ahhh enjoy it! After ten years in Atlanta, and then another ten in Los Angeles, I still miss Maine. Los Angeles weather is particularly mind numbing. Most of my time in LA was in an area that was 72 degrees and sunny nearly every single day. It's all one longgggggg day. Timeless. Nothing to measure against. After ten years of that I'd love to live in Maine again. er....from May to December.

Virginia Floyd said...'s hot and dry in San Antonio. We are in a severe drought with water restrictions. No rain since January. But at least the sun is shining. I think if I lived in Maine, I'd have that S.A.D. syndrome.